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Derek’s final book may possibly be regarded as his ultimate collection of poems, prose and quotations. A wide, varied and beautiful selection that will hopefully provide everyone with a passage to which they can relate and the words that they have been searching for.

Leave A Little Light On


Leave a little light on, please
that it may continue to burn
and keep my memories alive
He may be gone from sight but not my heart
- so leave a little light on, please

That it may forever glow
and remind me of his smiling face
As my worries create shadows in the night
- so leave a little light on, please

And when I'm alone and my thoughts won't set me free
May I feel him lying beside me
as I hold out a hand and find it held
- so leave a little light on, please

That it may continue to flicker in hope
as my smile conceals a thousand tears
For there's always a place reserved in my heart
and a space that only he can fill
- so leave a little light on, please

And when my time comes to go, as indeed it will,
I'll not feel afraid of being alone, 'cause there'll
be room in the space he's kept open for me
Yes, we'll meet again in the brightness
of that little light you left on for me


Love is patient, love is kind, it has no enemies
It perseveres in the face of adversity - it never gives up
Love listens, understands and consoles
Love does not run away when unhappiness knocks on the door
It will stand and fight for that which is right
Love knows no nationality, it has no flag, no anthem yet it is
shared by all
Love will support, encourage and inspire
It is not vain or boastful save in God
Were it not for love, life would cease to have meaning
Love will protect those most dear and always show compassion
It is in loving and forgiving that people are healed.

SYRIA 'Suffer Little Children'

Did you see the writhing, contorted faces
of the children, little children?

Did you see the pain, the anguish and
helplessness written in their agony?

Did you see the forlorn hearts hidden
inside those little burned bodies?

Did you see the open mouths
with foam and saliva oozing out?

Did you look into those young bulging,
bloodshot eyes staring into the abyss?

Then if you did, you saw the face of Satan
in the guise of humanity.
A smile upon his face having done his
work whilst the world looked on.


SECRET TEARS - © Derek Dobson 2016. Permission to use, copy and distribute any material on this site without fee is hereby granted, provided that the above copyright notice appear on all copies and the materials are not redistributed for profit.