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This is Derek’s third book which continues the journey through feelings and emotions that we must encounter during our lives. We all experience good times, bad times and hard times as the pages of life are read. Sometimes with laughter, other times with tears. Perhaps the following passages encapsulate how many feel when they lose a loved one? If you have similar feelings, then be assured you are not alone.

  Tell me, what is it like when the
   bottom falls out of your world?
When life ceases to have any meaning
   and your future is no more
When your heart breaks in two
   and there seems no reason to go on
How do you find motivation for tomorrow?

Perhaps there is no answer
And you ask 'Why does God permit such tragedies'?
You live your life as best you can
You help others along the way
   and yet...
You are rewarded with such pain

How do you face another day
   when half your life is no longer here?
Do you give up and walk away
   with happiness a distant place?
Or do you leave the door of your heart ajar
   so that healing will enter and life reborn?

For God comes to those that weep
It is He who will get you through
Out of tragedy new life will come
Out of darkness will come light
Be brave, be strong and light the candle of tomorrow

The Legacy of Love
  Your loved one has gone
   the pain is beyond tears and words
No-one can release you from
   the torment that remains
What is there left but an empty world?
Life becomes a torturous sentence and the realisation
   that grief is the price of love

You search each dark corner
   hoping, just hoping, for a healing beam of light
Yet in your heart you know it is not to be
   for the hand of life has slipped from your grasp

But the darkness of adversity
will now become your teacher
and deliver you from a pit of despair
- Open your eyes, walk outside
and listen to the birds
Feel the warmth of the sun on your face
then look through your tears of grief
for they are blinding you to the light that awaits

Remember that it is only when a grape
is crushed and dies that its true value is recognised
Drink of the juice that is their legacy
and you will experience the spirit of love that remains
How sweet it tastes - O how sweet

Finally, remember too that the load you carry
is the grief engulfed within your heart
But if you leave it with God - safe in
the knowledge that your loved one now lies
on a bed of perfect peace, tranquillity and love -
you will walk free; free from pain,
free from the anger, guilt or regret
that now chain your very soul; for He will
lighten your load and free your mind
so that it may again clasp the hand of love -
the love that remains in you never to be taken away
until you meet again - the time, the place
known only unto God

A Prayer For The Bereaved
  Dear Lord,
There comes a time in our life when we must say 'goodbye' to someone whom we love dearly and will always treasure in our thoughts. We will grieve for the loss of a soul that can never be replaced for people are unique. Tears will flow as the pain reaches our heart - will it never end? Yes, it will, but we must first go through the agony of feelings never experienced before. Although the wound will heal, a scar remains - a scar that is the legacy of the love we had.

So dear Lord hear our prayer. Sometimes we wonder why You allow such things that cause us so much pain and agony. Why, Lord, why? Hear us as we cry out for mercy, understanding and strength. We are so weak; emotions flood into us - anger, guilt, regret - anger towards others, guilt for ourselves and regret of the things we did not say.

Help us O Lord. Give us the grace to accept Your will and understand that at times in our life we must endure such pain for we know in our heart that whatever you do it is for a reason. We also know that no one can live forever but that Your love does; that when You call us too, our soul will live forever if we but believe Your Son died for us, that he also had to endure pain and agony on the cross.

Forgive us O Lord our feelings at times of weakness - we are but a rudderless ship tossed about on an endless sea of emotion; we have lost our captain who steered the ship of life.

Have mercy on us O Lord in our hour of need and give us the will to carry on for we know that You are always with us.


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