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Dear Lord

I pray for all who are broken hearted, imprisoned within either walls or themselves. May they be filled with your Spirit, strengthened by your love and comforted by your presence, for you are always with us even in our darkest hour.

Although we are often surrounded by many others, we can still feel totally alone imprisoned not only by walls but within our very selves. Oh how lonely life can be the darkness and despair can become overwhelming even to the point of taking the life that You gave us.

I pray Lord that you enter every heart as only you can; that you cast out the feelings of desperation and rejection that abound and replace them with confidence and hope for the future. To remember that the past is but a shadow that now lies behind us for the future is indeed the Son who looks down and lightens our future. I also pray that all who pray these words will be reminded that You have given us ears to listen as you speak, eyes to see your goodness and a heart to receive your unconditional love.

As the light of day descends into the darkness of night and negative thoughts are magnified into giants of worry, doubt and depression, may all awaken and meet with You Lord; for You will never desert us. Let us all clasp each others hands and become as one; to speak with one deafening voice, cast aside differences, hate and anger and never again let the darkness of evil triumph.

And finally Lord, I pray that reason will replace rage, confrontation becomes reconciliation, tears change into smiles, provocation is turned into pacification and that anger is transformed into an avalanche of love that brings us the strength to speak Your name and invite You into our heart.


Derek Dobson 2005

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