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  SAY ‘GOODBYE TO ANXIETY’ – 20 tips from a fellow sufferer

•Firstly, Pray to God for help if you have a faith, be that Christian or Muslim.

•SLOW DOWN! And do things at a slower pace. (refuse to get carried along in today’s rush, hustle and bustle) And that includes thinking, not just physical activity!

•Think of one thing at a time and not to jump ahead to the next thought before you’ve digested your present thought.

•Take ‘time out’ to meditate and relax both physically and mentally for 10-15 minutes. And MAKE the time without rushing on to the next job. There are very few things that cannot wait for 10 minutes.

•Consciously and continually remind yourself to ‘live in the moment’ and to value it because one day you will run out of ‘moments’.

•When you have physical symptoms of anxiety or stress, carry out an exercise of deep breathing by taking in a long deep breath, hold it for 3/4 seconds before releasing it. Repeat the exercise 4/5 times.

•Also, when you feel anxiety coming on, get up from what you are doing, and walk away. Go to the loo!, walk round the garden, take the dog for a walk, etc. This will give you a chance to calm down and relax.

•Think positively, not always easy! Think of the good things happening in your life and what you have achieved. We tend to dwell on the negatives and not enough on the positives. 9 out of 10 worries about the future will never happen.

•When driving and you are ‘cut up’ by a selfish driver, remember that you’re not Lewis Hamilton! So take your foot off the accelerator and let them go.

•Ignore the clock (unless you have an appointment!) for time will always pass and of which you have no control.

•Never lose your sense of humour. I look in the mirror each morning and have hysterics! Be prepared to laugh at yourself.

•Help others unconditionally and at no cost to yourself, for it takes the searchlight off yourself. Remember, it is in giving that you receive.

•Try and avoid people or situations which are likely to create anxiety or stress.

•Continually remind yourself of these points.

•Do not anticipate or expect an overnight cure, like all things, permanent cures take time – Rome was not built in a day! Be patient!

•Have confidence in yourself for you can and will succeed in ridding yourself of anxiety and stress.

•Prioritise your jobs; if one doesn’t get done, it doesn’t get done! And learn to say “no” to too many jobs! Do them in ‘bite’ sizes.

•Remember that the mental satisfaction of achieving a task can often outweigh the physical exertion of performing it. In other words, ‘a job well done’, such as 4 hours hard gardening work but then seeing the fruits of your labour in the shape of beautiful flowers.

•One final thing! Don't be afraid to admit both to other people, and also yourself that you suffer from anxiety or stress. You will find that most people will respect you for your openness and honesty. It will also help you by sharing your thoughts and feelings with another person.

•Don't forget: ‘LIVE IN THE MOMENT’

Derek Dobson

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