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When you are experiencing bereavement, the very thought that you are not alone - many others feel the same - can contribute to the healing process. The path of recovery is long and hard but a few sincere and meaningful words can help you reach the end of what seems like a never-ending journey…

Through Grief  
There is no way round grief, only a way through
Grief cannot be hurried.
You need time to mourn and accept tragedy
Grief and bereavement come to us all.
You will find it impossible to accept.
You cannot believe it has happened to you.
You yearn for them.
Grief is the price of love and being loved.
And you must grieve - you need to release your feelings.
It is natural to cry and sob.
As natural as smiling an laughing.
Do not deny or hide your grief - accept it.
It is a healing process, a way of coming to terms with loss.
Let your tears and feelings come.
Do not bottle them up.
Crying is not self pity - it is a necessity - so cry when you need to.
Eventually you will come through that long, dark tunnel.

This is especially true if you are experiencing a bereavement - so often painful beyond belief. Only you know how it feels, and sympathetic friends can reveal an innocent naivety in what they say. They mean well but sometimes do not know how to handle such situations.

Your Father  
Your father's time has come to go,
Now that God has beckoned him so,
The door of life has opened wide,
To let him through and pass inside.

Who are we to say
When and where we go?
It is not for us to choose,
Who we love or who we lose.

Before you shed a painful tear,
Whisper in his waiting ear,
"Farewell, my darling Dad,
Farewell, for all the love we've had."


To others who are looking for inspiration and strength, you will find words of comfort to see you on your way. Everyone needs encouragement and support at times.

For Those In Doubt  

Have confidence in yourself to do what you think is right.
Fear not what others might say.
Press ahead with determination and dignity.
Strive with all the energy you have.
Ignore criticism from those who cannot see.
Have the strength to pursue your vision.
And in the end you will achieve your goal.
For what is right will succeed.
It is then that others will learn from what
you have done, and make it all worthwhile.

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