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Born in Bromley, Kent, England, Derek Dobson is a Tax Consultant by profession. He has been writing since 1983 when the death of his sister inspired him to compose a short poem in her memory. He then continued to write and also build up a collection of poems, proverbs and quotations. In 1994 he was persuaded to publish his own book entitled 'Inspirations'. After a considerable amount of time and work the book proved so successful that he went on, in 1998, to publish a second book called 'Aspirations', and then a third 'Reflections of Hope' in 2007 and finally 'Secret Tears' in 2017.

Derek is a committed Christian and his faith has inspired him to write many of his uplifting poems which have proved particularly helpful to those experiencing unhappiness in their life. As a result, people have written to him concerning their own situation when realising they are not alone.

Being an active Bereavement Counsellor for nearly 30 years has provided Derek with a valuable insight into the minds of people who have experienced painful and difficult bereavements. He is thus indebted to many people for sharing feelings that are now helping others.