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Aspirations - poems for sadness

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Secret Tears - comforting words for those who suffer in silence

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Are you experiencing a painful bereavement or other emotional problem, or do you know someone who is?

Trying to cope with a stressful situation can be incredibly difficult especially for those who are either alone or find it difficult to express their feelings. Numerous emotions and feelings can fill the mind including shock, guilt, anger, regrets and many more. Just living each day becomes an ordeal and coming to terms with the loss of someone who cannot be replaced becomes a painful journey. Although words alone will never be enough, they can help considerably.

These four moving and uplifting books have been written and compiled by Derek Dobson, a poet with many years experience as a bereavement counsellor. Each book contains a superb collection of supportive poems, prayers, proverbs and quotations, some of which are well known. The texts in each volume are interspersed with beautiful colour photographs, thoughtfully chosen by the author to capture the mood.



Inspirations - consolation to those experiencing sadness


Derek Dobson has put together this small collection in the hope that it may bring some consolation to those who are experiencing great sadness in their life, and to others as a way of reflecting on a current problem which needs resolving.






Aspirations' follows the author's first book and is similar in its theme of recognising sadness and problems in life but with a strong and positive optimism for the future. Some of the contents include passages received from readers of 'Inspirations' who felt that they would like to share words which have given them comfort at emotional times in their lives.

Aspirations - poems for emotional times



Reflections of Hope

Continuing the success of his previous books, Derek has produced another superb collection of supportive poems, prayers and quotations. It also contains more beautiful and relaxing photographs which often compliment the facing words. This book will say the words that you, perhaps, cannot.





Secret Tears

Derek’s final book may possibly be regarded as his ultimate collection of poems, prose and quotations. A wide, varied and beautiful selection that will hopefully provide everyone with a passage to which they can relate and the words that they have been searching for.

Secret Tears - comforting words for those who suffer in silence